N2CNY – Repeater Update! – UPDATE!

Update:   The time is the same for the picnic, but the date has changed.  Saturday September 15th instead of the 16th.

Okay, so you already know that the repeater is back on the air.  We have the CW ID broadcasting N2CNY every 8-10 minutes.  We have some photos below and so far the repeater has been up for about two weeks and some change.  We are still trying to finish up some minor upgrades and updates to it.  As of this moment we will be doing some final, hopefully last changes to the equipment and antenna on the day of our club picnic, which is September 16th, 2018 at the repeater site location of Fenner Wind Farm.  Directions are here. We are so glad to have everything in place and working.  Please join us if you can. We are meeting at 12:00 pm (1200 hours) and all you need is to bring a dish to pass.  You can contact JJ our club president with your dish information so we can coordinate that we don’t have all deserts or all baked beans.  All are welcome if you can make it.  We will be using the repeater (145.210 PL 71.9  -0.600) for call ins if you need assistance getting there.  It’s going to be fun, in the mean time enjoy some photos and a video of our repeater/antenna.


Saratoga County Hamfest – coming fast!

This just in……right off our email…..directly from Peter W2BEW……so please read on….

You’re invited to the 33rd annual Saratoga County Hamfest on Sunday, September 9 at the county Fairgrounds in Ballston Spa, NY.  Check out the attached (2-page) flyer – you’ll find something for everyone: new gear, used gear, parts and pieces, door prizes, bucket prizes, a VE Test Session at 8:30 in the village, a fox hunt, and, of course, delicious food all day! RW Antenna Store will be there, as well as many other buyers and sellers.

 Bring your Saturday ticket from the Boxboro hamfest, and we’ll cut our admission price in half!

 Hope to see you there!  73,

Peter – W2BEW


CNYARA – N2CNY Repeater NETS Update!!!

We have moved the Nets over to the 145.210, -0.6 Offset PL 71.9 it’s official!!!!

Catch us on the 145.210 N2CNY Repeater from now on for the Nets.

Well for those of you that haven’t heard or haven’t been trying out the good old 145.210 -0.6 Offset PL 71.9, it’s back on the Air!!!

The station / repeater was put back on the air the 19th of August 2018 and has been in the early testing stages and final modifications / tweaks for the entire time.  Things are looking good for the repeater and there have been several previous users heard on it and some new voices too.  All in all things are going well and we expect to be moving the Nets back to the 145.210 very soon.  Should be within the next few weeks.  We will post something as soon as we have a date set for the cut-over.

We do have a report that as far as just south of Cooperstown our Repeater has been heard.

Stay tuned for further updates from the CNYARA.


Countdown to W4DXCC

Countdown to W4DXCC Logo

September 21st and 22nd, 2018, Pigeon Forge, TN

Hello Friends and Club Officials

I want to ask that you pass along this announcement about this years W4DXCC convention onto your club members and friends, thank you in advance.

Hello again from W4DXCC DX and Contest Convention. The response to this years event has been fantastic.

The Updated Main Program is now available online here W4DXCC Program

The convention has come together and as we approach September 21st we are ready with lots of Fun for all. Its not too late to come join the fun. Go here to make hotel reservations Hotel Reservations and go here for getting your tickets for admission and the Banquet Get your Tickets. Heck jump in the car and come over and pay at the door!

We have all of the leading radio and equipment manufacturers setup in the lobby with the latest gear for you to twist the knobs or click the mice. More importantly you can have a one on one to ask questions about the gear with the company representative in a relaxed environment.

We have a Ham Shack you can operate from that is manned with our knowledgeable team members to show you the correct way to operate all modes including the latest Digital modes like FT8. The shack is opened late to give you plenty of experience. Its a popular place after the presentations.

If you are new to ham radio and never really had an Elmer to show you the ropes be sure to attend the Friday Ham Radio Bootcamp. These sessions will give you the insight on what and how to have fun in Ham Radio.

Check out the Website and learn about the W4DXCC DX and Contest Convention. Go Here W4DXCC Convention

Best 73

See you soon,
Dave Anderson, K4SV
Convention leader

ROC City Net and Hamfest coming up

Save the date for Saturday August 25th, 2018 for the ROC City Net and Hamfest.

Free admission. Setup is at 6 am and gates open at 7 am.  Come to swap and sell and win and eat.  Door prizes, raffles and food from vendors and the restaurant on site.  Looks like great fun and you can even bring a table to sell your own items.

More detailed information can be found on their Facebook page. Check out this link for further details.

HAM Radio Off Grid / Portable

With the summer half over and things being what they are in California, which ARES, RACES and other Amateur Radio groups assisting and responding to the tragedy, it was brought to my attention that maybe some helpful information should be put out there.  The following website has some great information about putting together a Go kit and using Solar for QSO’s from Finland to Italy.  So take a look at some of his information and maybe it will inspire you to build a kit for hiking, survival, emergency preparedness, or even ARES or RACES assistance, or even for just having some Field Day fun.

Enjoy the site from OH8STN and what he has to provide.

This just in…Retired HAM items for sale

This information was sent to us through our Facebook page. I want to make sure that everyone has an opportunity since it’s only a week away. More info will be added if any more becomes available.

Opens at 8 am, Aug 4th, 2018


We are contacting Central NY Amateur Radio organization officers hoping that you would be willing to forward to your membership this notice of a garage/lawn sale to be held at 4102 State Route 104, New Haven NY (W of Mexico, E of Oswego), August 4th 2018, doors/sale opens at 8 am at which numerous pieces of ham gear belonging to Ted, WA2YWT, who has recently moved to a senior living facility, will be offered for sale.
Among the MANY items to be offered are:

• Kenwood TS680S 160M-6M + WARC transceiver, Kenwood SP230 spkr, MC-50 desk mic

• Yeasu FT-757GX 160M-10M + WARC transceiver, Kenwood SP430 speaker

• Ameritron AL572 “near legal limit” 160M-10M linear amplifier (four 572B triodes)

• Palstar AT1500DT antenna tuner (160M- 6M, 1500W)

• Ameritron ATP-102 tuning pulser, Palomar tuner-tuner

• Hallicrafters SX99 Receiver, matching speaker and Heathkit QF1 Q multiplier

• Heathkit DX60B transmitter, Heathkit HG-10 VFO, D104 desk mic

• Vectronics VC-300D antenna tuner

• MFJ-945E antenna tuner

• Icom IC-229H 2 meter transceiver

• Icom IC-PCR1000 software defined radio

• SECO model 107 tube tester

• Kenwood KA-74 Integrated stereo amp, Kenwood GE-44 graphic EQ, AM/FM tuner

Keys, paddles, coax switches, VTVMs, VOMs, Heil headset, Radio Shack PRO-433 scanner, Timewave DSP-59 audio filter, Autek QF-1 active filter, Heathkit 6er, Heathkit IO-21 ‘scope, Heathkit IG-102 sig gen, 2 collectable GE Mickey Mouse clock radios, antenna rotator, 11 element 2 meter beam, 6 meter Ringo vertical ant, vintage Eldico 2 meter AM rig (rough!), computers, many more goodies, gizmos, stuff and things. Bring the XYL-household items too!

BCNU Aug 4 in New Haven