Take a moment to assist the FCC and ARRL with their request for comments in regards to changing Technician Privileges. They are looking to enhance and expand the Technician class privileges with regards to HF frequencies. For more information check out the link below and if able to and want to please assist them with their request for comments.

Technician Privlleges: http://www.arrl.org/news/fcc-invites-comments-on-arrl-technician-enhancement-proposal


Bullthistle Hamfest – April

Interested in an early spring Hamfest? There’s one next month. Check out the link below from the Chenango Valley Amateur Radio Association (W2RME). Door prizes, with the possibility of tailgating and your own tables to sell. Take the time and opportunity to check out the link if you’re interested in going. You never know what you might find there. Some treasure you’ve been looking for or some other item of interest.

CVARA Bullthistle Hamfest Link


Net Scripts – Update

As some of you may have noticed this past week, starting Wednesday the 27th of February a trial was done to see how people liked a new format. The new format was introduced to help facilitate and maybe make the nets a little more fun and a little bit easier and convenient for people. In this new format, the rounds were removed and it was turned into a first come first served Net where each operator was given a chance to talk with the NCS or any other ham operator and then Net control would move down the list to the next check-in.

So far this change is temporary and at this time up to the
Net Control Operator of the Net. So some Nets might not be using the new scripts. It all depends on the comfortableness of the Net Control Operator. Each day of the week has been a new experience in people being able to participate on the Nets and in some cases, it has raised the Net count. We will be trying this new procedure out for the month of March and see how it fairs. We have updated the scripts for Net Control Station to use in our Files page. Both the old scripts and the new scripts are on that page now, just in case you need the previous ones.

-73 and Enjoy (CNYARA)