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Take a moment to assist the FCC and ARRL with their request for comments in regards to changing Technician Privileges. They are looking to enhance and expand the Technician class privileges with regards to HF frequencies. For more information check out the link below and if able to and want to please assist them with their request for comments.

Technician Privlleges:


Net Scripts – Update

As some of you may have noticed this past week, starting Wednesday the 27th of February a trial was done to see how people liked a new format. The new format was introduced to help facilitate and maybe make the nets a little more fun and a little bit easier and convenient for people. In this new format, the rounds were removed and it was turned into a first come first served Net where each operator was given a chance to talk with the NCS or any other ham operator and then Net control would move down the list to the next check-in.

So far this change is temporary and at this time up to the
Net Control Operator of the Net. So some Nets might not be using the new scripts. It all depends on the comfortableness of the Net Control Operator. Each day of the week has been a new experience in people being able to participate on the Nets and in some cases, it has raised the Net count. We will be trying this new procedure out for the month of March and see how it fairs. We have updated the scripts for Net Control Station to use in our Files page. Both the old scripts and the new scripts are on that page now, just in case you need the previous ones.

-73 and Enjoy (CNYARA)

Hamfests and Used HamEquipment Guide

You know it’s coming up on time when people start selling and buying used Radio equipment at Hamfests and Online. This post can help you with a little bit of a guide to buying used equipment. It’s always good to be cautious, but also to know your limitations while being prudent. So keep your eyes open for that perfect deal and know your budgetary limitations. The full article is here.

73 and Enjoy.

Amateur Extra Class in Liverpool

If you’re interested in upgrading past your General license and need some training to prepare, check out the Liverpool Amateur Radio Club. They will be presenting a class in March to assist you in getting your upgraded ticket. It runs from March 27th, 2019 thru May 12th, 2019. Some Saturdays and most Tuesdays and they do a very good job of assisting you to pass the Extra class exam.

You can check out the LARC website and sign up for the class and see the schedule.

For Beginners New to the Hobby

Fishing around the Internet and looking for some good information and hacks for Amateur Radio Operators an interesting site was revealed. For those that are just starting out in the Hobby and would like some assistance and some place to start. The Make site had some interesting things to post about Amateur Radio and here’s one that might be on interest to some of our new operators and maybe even some of the older more experienced operators including some “Elmer’s” out there. Something you can pass on to someone else.

Setting Up a Ham Radio Shack

Please enjoy and work responsibly and make sure you have your license.

Meeting Reminder for February 2019

Well, it’s almost time again for another monthly club meeting. Please see if you can make it and enjoy some fun, food, and friendly discussion. So, come and join us at Theodore’s Restaurant in Canastota, on February 5, 2019, at 06:30 pm. We hope to see you there and we can meet some new friends and put some faces to the voices.


New Amateur, Podcasts

The ARRL is putting up some podcasts to assists new Amateurs getting a start on things and just generally getting going in the hobby. Reaching new Amateurs and getting them going after they get their ticket has been an underserved area for a very long time. Sure clubs and fellow Hams assist with this, but sometimes the locations of new license holders are somewhat remote in comparison and maybe no fellow mentors “Elmers” are available in the area either.

Now the ARRL is putting podcasts out about them using the app Stitcher, Blubrry and Apple iTunes. The new podcasts are called “So Now What?” and they are starting March 7, 2019, and will alternate weeks with the “ARRL The Doctor is in“. If you want more information please follow this link to New Amateur Podcasts.