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This from the Amateur Radio Newsline for 2019

The start of the new year is bringing a new net for participants in the Christian Amateur Radio Fellowship: It’s a VoIP Net and it will have its first meeting on the first Saturday of 2019 – that’s January 5th — at 2 p.m. Central Time in the U.S. The net is being made possible with the help of the DigicommCafe and the Alabama Link and can be found on Echolink, Allstar, and D-STAR. For more details visit the website at The fellowship also has an HF net Monday through Saturday on 3.930 MHz at 7 a.m. Eastern Time in the U.S. Everyone is welcome regardless of denomination.

More information about this and other Amateur Radio News can be found at their website: Amateur Radio Newsline (

Happy New Year 2019

So let’s start this post off by just saying HAPPY NEW YEAR from the CNYARA! We hope that you have the opportunity to start the new year off right and that this month and the ones to come are full and joy-filled for you. If you have the chance try and get your ticket so we can hear you on the radio. If you have your ticket try for an upgrade and further investigate all that HF has to offer. If you are already upgraded then we hope that you have the time to contact us on the radio or on email or on our contact page and let us know what’s going on with you or any information or websites you think we should know about.

This year starts off brand new and each day does also. Remember that what happened in your past is done, and there are so few changes you can make to it aside from making amends. Make each day count and make it a good one at that. Take the opportunity to thank a service member for their duty for our country and for all of us. Take the chance to notice what’s happening around you and also to take notice of those around you. You have so few opportunities in life to take note of people and the beauty all around you.

Once again the Central New York Amateur Radio Association wants to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR in 2019!

December 2018 Meeting information / update

So here’s some information in regards to our meeting / party.  We do wish that more could have joined us and we had a wonderful time.  Lots of nice goodies were brought by members and the menu choices at Theodore’s Restaurant were wonderful and well priced too.

Let’s start off with Theodore’s Restaurant in Canastota will be our new meeting place.  With that said our next meeting will be January 8th, 2018, to avoid the New Year’s day clash.  Always the first Tuesday of the month unless otherwise noted or conflicts with a holiday.  If you need directions, the address is on the right-hand side of our web page.  Or you can click on the name and get Google Map directions.

Secondly, starting January 1st we have some new leadership changes.  We’ll list them here and after the new year we will adjust the website to further clarify and make the information official. 

  • President: Marc  (KR2HWK)
  • Vice President: JJ (KC2FEV)
  • Treasurer: Sean (KC2YGF)
  • Secretary: Josiah (KR2ECP)
  • New Board Member: Andy (W2AND)

With the new meeting location we have also updated our First Cup and After Dinner Net Scripts with the new information.  So head on over to our Files page for the changes if you need them.

Keep an eye on our site and we’ll try and keep you informed of all that we have going on, especially this coming 2019 year and all that it entails.  Thank you for stopping by.

Tuesday Meeting Dec 4th

Just a reminder to everyone about the meeting and the change of location.  Yes, our next monthly meeting is on Tuesday, Dec 4th, 2018 @  Theodore’s in Canastota.  It’s our election and Christmas Party. Come to join the fun and fellowship. So once again the Meeting is on Tuesday, Dec 4th, 2018 at 6:30 pm (1830 hrs)  See you there. It’s only a few days away.  We will be meeting at Theodore’s in Canastota.  

Ham Motto

What’s our Motto? “Ham Radio is: The Last Line of Communication in Any Emergency”.

So with that vain in mind we are stalwarts to keeping things going when all else fails.  We are the survivors who will get the job done when all else has stopped working.  We are the ones who can survive just about any catastrophe and still communicate.  That also means that we can innovate, we can tinker, we can improve, we can adapt and we can make things better by our very existence.  Amateur radio started in the late part of the 1800’s.  Radio waves were discovered in 1888 and in the 1890’s Marconi started using them for messages.  So for over a 100 years Amateur Radio has been there when the need arose and we will still be there to further that in the current day and age when more and more people are working with “Maker Spaces” and tinkering around with things and trying out new ideas.  Read the following article to really know that Amateur Radio was and will always be here to stay.  Even more so with the current developments and the advancements in technology.  73

Germany WWII and Amateur Radio

I found an interesting article in regards to the German (Nazi) use of Amateur Radio operators during the time frame between WWI and WWII.  It started around 1933 when Amateur Radio was really getting into gear and becoming more and more popular to the masses and many of those were learning so much about electronics and receivers and transmissions that their skill became of high demand.  So Germany noticed and the rest is a bit of history.  Read the entire article here.