The Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2015

From the ARRL Website:

“The Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2015 — H.R.1301 in the US House of Representative and S 1685 in the US Senate — would direct the FCC to extend its rules relating to reasonable accommodation of Amateur Service communications to private land use restrictions.”

“The Amateur Radio Parity Act would require the FCC to amend its Part 97 Amateur Service rules to apply the three-part test of the PRB-1 federal pre-emption policy to include homeowners association regulations and deed restrictions, often referred to as “covenants, conditions, and restrictions” (CC&Rs). At present, PRB-1 only applies to state and local zoning laws and ordinances. The FCC has been reluctant to extend the same legal protections to include private land-use agreements without direction from Congress.”

I’ve written to my Congressman, and both Senators about this and I urge all Hams to do the same.

73 – N2TOB

Amateur Radio Becomes Primary on 1900-2000 kHz on August 6

From the article appearing at the website link above:


Amateur Radio will be upgraded on August 6 from secondary to primary in the 1900-2000 kHz segment of 160 meters in the US. That’s the effective date of the WRC-07 implementation Report and Order and WRC-12 Order portions of a lengthy FCC document released on April 27. Both portions appeared on July 7 in the Federal Register; the Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM) of the same proceeding was published in the Federal Register on July 2. The FCC also made a secondary allocation of 135.7-137.8 kHz to the Amateur Service, but this band will not be available until service rules have been adopted.”



August Meeting

The meeting for August will NOT be held on the 1st Tue of the month as it had been previously. Please see the Calendar for the new Date and Location.

Date – August 11th, 2015

Time – 6:30pm

Location – Denny’s – 200 South James St. Rome, NY 13440 – Link to a map is in on the Calendar

Hope to see you all there!



KC2IXV – SouthBayRadio.US – Len’s Website

Hey all – one of our fellow hams has a new website –

South Bay Radio:

Len offers the following services:

Offering repair of antique vacuum tube equipment, including: antique radios, home receivers, phonographs, auto radios, some transistor radios

In addition to electronic repair, we have a well equipped machine shop on premises which allows us to fabricate small chassis parts which are missing or damaged over the years.

N2MTR – Silent Key

It is with a heavy heart that I report that N2MTR – Dennis Smith, or Smitty as he was better know to the CNYARA and it’s memebers, has passed away.

Smitty was an honorary Lifetime Memeber of the CNYARA and a regular on our morning nets. He was always full of life, and always had a smile on his face. I only met him in person a few times, but I remember him as always will to lend a hand, take nets, and help other hams with radio questions.

The club will forever miss him. Rest in peace.



Co-sponsor HR.4969, the Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2014

Co-sponsor HR.4969, the “Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2014”

HR.4969 would require the FCC, within 120 days of the Bill’s passage, to amend the Part 97 Amateur Service rules to apply PRB-1 coverage to include homeowners’ association regulations and deed restrictions, often referred to as “covenants, conditions, and restrictions” (CC&Rs). PRB-1 states that local governments cannot preclude Amateur Radio communications; they must “reasonably accommodate” amateur operations, and the state and local regulations must be the minimum practicable regulation to accomplish a legitimate governmental interest.

Presently, PRB-1 only applies to state and local zoning laws and ordinances. Since PRB-1 was enacted, the FCC has said several times that it would prefer to have some guidance from Congress before extending the policy to private land-use regulations. HR.4969 will provide that guidance, and give PRB-1 the force of Federal law.

Radio amateurs, while providing a valuable and necessary service to their communities, are frequently and increasingly precluded from installing necessary equipment (antennas, coax, etc) by unreasonable private land-use restrictions, including restrictive CC&R covenants. The net effect of HR.4969 passage will be to suppress those unreasonable restrictions and allow licensed amateurs to install reasonable equipment for practicing our hobby and having the means to serve our communities.