MAY Net Control & CHECK INS

The month of May saw the following Net Control Operators and as you can see we need more Operators as two of the stations are taking a lot of the work. If you can volunteer for a day or night Net please let KA2JFU know either through email or at the next meeting.

KAJAF – JIM – 4             KA2JFU – DICK -16             KC2FEV – JJ – 2             KC2IXV – LEN – 3             KC2ZCA – ALLAN – 15             KR2HWK – MARC – 3

The following are the Stats on the Check ins for the Month of May by Call Sign.

K2JAF – JIM – 21
KA2JFU – DICK – 43
KA2ZNZ – JACK – 10
KC2FEV – JJ – 6
KC2IXV – LEN – 28
N2AGT – TONY – 1
N2STC – STAN – 3
W2AND – ANDY -28
W2ZXN – ANDY – 15
W3RKI – RICK – 5
WA2U – JOHN – 3

2 HAM FESTS First weekend OF June

June 1 has the Rochester Hamfest and it will be held at a new location. It’s at the Hilton Exempt Club – 137 South Ave, Hilton, NY 14468

Reading over the information found at the following address, it looks like it will be a great event to attend. So don’t miss out and make sure to check out the link for further information and see what you’ll be missing if you don’t attend.

June 1-2 has the Butler Pa., Breezeshooters Hamfest and this one is being held at the Butler Fairgrounds, of Butler PA – 1127 New Castle Rd. (Route 422), Prospect, PA 16052

This is another great event to be at with great door prizes and lots of vendors. Again, check out the link for more information and see what you could be missing out on if you don’t get the chance to attend this one either.

April 2019 Net Check-ins

  1. AK2Z- DOUG – 1
  2. K2ADW – ALAN – 1
  3. K2JAF – JIM – 22
  4. K2VAF – VICKIE – 5
  5. KA2JFU – DICK – 41
  6. KA2ZNZ – JACK – 11
  7. KC2FEV – JJ – 15
  8. KC2IXV – LEN – 23
  9. KC2YGF – SEAN – 1
  10. KC2YXQ – JOHN – 1
  11. KC2ZCA – ALLAN – 30
  12. KD2BRR – BOYD – 9
  13. KD2CDX – JUSTIN – 1
  14. KD2QNA – MATT – 10
  15. KD2RGU – MATT – 1
  16. KD2RHR – MARK – 1
  17. KD2RHT – CLIFF – 16
  18. KD4JRS – JEREMY – 1
  19. KG2DI – BILL – 1
  20. KR2ECP – JOSIAH – 1
  21. KR2HWK – MARC – 7
  22. N2ATG – TONY – 2
  23. W2AND – ANDY – 29
  24. W2JUV – AL – 1
  25. W2ZXN – ANDY – 1
  26. WA2U – JOHN – 3
  27. WB2RLL – BRUCE – 17
  28. WN2IHJ – SCOTT – 18

NEAR Fest May 3-4, 2019

Well this weekend is another Ham Fest, this time in Deerfield, NH. Get your self ready and get your friends ready and don’t miss this one either. Another near by large gathering of Amateurs and plenty of gear to purchase.

More information can be found here:

Don’t miss your change for some great parts you need for the Ham Shack.


Hamvention and ARRL Convention

Hamvention is quickly approaching, May 17-19, 2019. While you’re there you can also take in the ARRL National Convention which is hosting a meet the authors this year. More information can be found here.

This is all being held in Xenia, OH at the Greene County Fairgrounds and Expo Center. The go to event of the year for Amateur Radio operators.

Here are some links to assist you and give more information.
ARRL National Convention

Make your plans soon and get your gear and money ready.


145.210 Repeater Installation

Saturday, April 20th @ 11 am the following club members arrived at our new location up on Oxbow road in Canastota for the installation of the Repeater and Antenna: W2ZXN, WB2RLL, KC2FEV, KA2JFU, KR2HWK, and KR2ECP that is Andy, Bruce, JJ, Dick, Marc, and Josiah respectively.  No rain was falling, but the clouds were set and the sun was hidden as the group started to unload and start the process of putting everything together. 2 geese decided to fly by and see what was going on at the initial start of the unloading. The view was beautiful with some of the Fenner Wind Turbines in the background.

It took about 10 minutes to unload and get everything into the garage and around back before the process of putting everything together could begin.  By 11:30 the antenna was on the ground and assembled into what was going to be stationed against the chimney. Three members of the group walked the mast up against the chimney and in place beside the current owner’s FM antenna.  It was around noon when the minor adjustments were all done. Resecuring the antenna to the top of the mast as it wasn’t tightened enough before going up and stand needed to be a little to better secure the mast to the chimney.

It was near to One o’clock when the repeater cables were ready to be attached to the Duplexer and antenna cable to the Repeater.  At this point, testing began and at first, all seemed to be working fine, until it was noticed that the high and low pass cables were swapped.  This was remedied and testing continued on the drive home after 2 pm. So far there are some good signal reports while there are some others with not as good a report.  Testing will continue to see what better signal footprint can be attained.

The help from all hands that were available that day was greatly appreciated.  It was a fun time and flies on the roof didn’t affect things too much, although it was a nuisance to JJ who became the default safety person and dedicated roof climber.  The equipment went up without too much of a hitch, but there are always little issues. During the testing phase, some adjustments will be made and hopefully, these will improve the use of the repeater.

Here is a little gallery of what happened that day:

World Amateur Radio Day 2019

It’s not too late to join in and celebrate World Amateur Radio Day 2019. HF, VHF, UHF, Microwave and all parts of the spectrum are a great place to show your support of Amateur Radio. The ARRL has a notice about it so take the time to boost, support and advocate on and off the air our Hobby and World Amateur Radio Day.

Here’s the ARRL article for your perusal.